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Hard hitting journalism.


Not a cougar.

These elements describe the woman that is Tasha James, Citizen Journalist.

This show-within-a-show is rumoured to be based on a real-life citizen journalist.

But for legal reasons you’ll never coax the truth out of us—not even with a box of still-warm honey cruller Timbits and a 2 lb sack of blow. Really.

Watch Fast Ford Nation ClipsFFN_Clips.html

It goes like this: Armed with a microphone and a camera, gotcha gorilla journalist Tasha James hits the streets and debunks everything from “Reproductive Terrorists” (parents) to “Cult Leaders”(yoga instructors).

In 2011, Tasha took it upon herself to create political music videos - all which have gone viral on this internet thing. From these videos “Fast Ford Nation” was born, to show her love for all things Rob Ford, Stephen Harper, and the rest of those sexy hawks out there who strive to make this world a better place.

Tasha works for the Foxy News Network! Tasha is a natural redhead. Tasha despises Jude.